RuneScape: Beginner’s Tips

These are my collection of tips for beginners that I’ve gathered from my time playing RuneScape, please add in the comments your suggestions. I hope this will be helpful to those new to the game, or existing players that may have missed a trick.


  • Go on low populated worlds when you’re doing skills that require competition
  • Try to vary your activities in-game so you aren’t stuck in one area doing the same thing
  • Don’t purchase early level tools/weapons/armour as you will quickly outgrow them – I’d recommend sticking with the starting equipment until you’ve reached Steel
  • Use the RuneSpan to quickly level up RuneCrafting instead of using altars
  • Complete all the quests you can to save early levelling
  • Level skills together; use ore you’ve mined for smithing, fish you’ve caught for cooking, wood you’ve chopped for firemaking
  • Complete the daily challenges and turn them in for bonus XP
  • Add items from your inventory to the hot bar and hold the set key to drop them faster – this is useful for quicker levelling of mining and fishing
  • You can now add higher level pickaxes and axes to your tool bar once you’ve reached the required mining or woodcutting level to use them, saving an inventory space
  • Use XP lamps on slow or expensive to level skills such as Prayer, Smithing and Mining
tool belt skilling runescape inventory space

Tool Belt: Extremely useful for saving inventory space


  • When training combat, make sure you are suitably prepared with plenty of food
  • Use the Chargebow and Air Staffs to level early range and magic without the need of ammunition that will later become expensive
  • You can change your combat xp focus in the combat settings tab
  • Only take on enemies that are close to your level or lower as you are otherwise unlikely to deal damage
  • You can be quickly healed for free by entering a bank, this reduces the need for food
  • Items can be examined to see what the current Grand Exchange price is, this is useful if you’re not sure what to drop or what to pick up
air staff magic runescape

Air Staffs: Unlimited use of air runes, a great way to begin magic training


  • Don’t clog up your bank with lots of junk or used quest items; there is a limit of 103 spaces for free to play users and 571 for members
  • Use the RuneScape Wiki for a great database of everything in-game
  • The higher your weight from your equipment and inventory, the quicker your running stamina will drop – so only wear heavy armour if you plan to be fighting!
  • For an early source of money, kill Cows for their cowhides, corpse spiders in the lumbridge catacombs for their spider silk, while also earning xp in your combat abilities
  • You can see your skill total and combat level by clicking the hero or skill tab
  • Use the lodestone network to teleport and save walking to each city, but remember you need to be out of combat to do so
  • Screenshots are taken by pressing Print Screen or PrtSc, then pasting the image in software like Microsoft Paint
  • Don’t be fooled by people offering to double your money – this is a common scam
  • You can change your hairstyle by visiting a Hairdresser (Falador), your gender and skin tone by visiting a Makeover Mage (West of Falador), and your default clothes by visiting a clothes shop (Varrock)
  • Use the grand exchange to quickly purchase items
  • The interface can be moved around to your taste by clicking the unlock button
  • The World Map can be accessed by clicking the globe and is closed by clicking the close arrow button in the top right corner
  • Complete the achievements and try to meet their requirements to give you a direction on what to do next
  • Prepare yourself before becoming a member; many quests will have high level requirements, and the free to play worlds are perfect for early game levelling

Please check out my RuneScape review and my Membership Preparation Guide.

Thanks for reading!


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