RuneScape: Membership Preparation Guide

These are my guidelines for some skills preparation before you become a Member on RuneScape. I’ve also added in where I did my training to get to these levels for each skill as a sort of “skill guide” in case you’re requiring any help. Obviously it is your choice to make, but you may find yourself restricted if you aren’t prepared enough (many of the quests have high skill requirements). The Free To Play (F2P) Worlds are reasonably sufficient for early levelling so I highly recommend you to try to meet these guidelines so you don’t spend your membership time levelling skills that could have been achieved whilst you weren’t paying.

Member skills Farming, Theiving, Agility, Hunting, Montage

Member Skills: Farming, Thieving, Agility, Hunting

You can now also buy Bonds from the Grand Exchange that can be redeemed for RuneScape Membership. They are rather expensive with the current price at a costly 6.3 million in game currency, providing 2 weeks of membership each. I suggest here that unless you do have tons of in-game gold and are still a free player, that you pay the first few months using real money (which is only $7.95, £4.95, €6.95 a month depending on your country) as this is a relatively cheap subscription in comparison with other MMOs, and to later pay for your membership with Bonds once you’ve amassed your millions as a Member – where it is much easier and quicker. Again this is just my opinion, but I think a £4.95 monthly subscription is great value for the vast content that becomes unlocked.


I’d personally pick at least two of Melee, Magic or Ranged to level this high – only playing as one combat style is limiting.  You’ll also find yourself with plenty of cowhides if you follow my routes!

50 Attack, 50 Strength, 50 Defence:

I suggest that completing all the F2P quests is a good target to meet, the hardest of which, The Dragon Slayer, requires a solid combat ability and the above levels meet this. Having 50 Attack and 50 Defence will allow you to equip all Rune equipment, giving you a good platform for the future.

Cows to level 20 in each skill > Al Kharid Warriors to level 30 > Hill Giants to level 40 > Moss Giants to level 50

55 Magic:

Reaching level 55 provides you with the required levels for teleporting to most of the cities, as well as High-Level Alchemy that is useful for making money. While it used to be expensive to train, using an air staff allows you to use high level spells that previously required chaos and death runes.

Air Spells on Cows to level 10 > Air Spells on Guards to level 20 > Air Spells on Cockroach Workers to level 35 > Air Spells on Hill Giants to level 43 > Superheat Steel to 55

50 Ranged:

This gives you access to the Magic Shortbow. Levelling beyond 50 ranged provides little reward in F2P as much of the content is restricted. Like with magic, use the “ChargeBow” (or preferably the “QuickBow” acquired from killing Troll Chuckers) to remove the need for ammunition as they don’t require arrows.

Cows to level 10 > Goblins to level 25 > Spellwisps to level 40 > Corpse Mages to level 50

43 Prayer:

You may struggle with this one, it is regarded as one of the most difficult skills to train for good reason. Reaching 43 will give you the protection from Melee, Magic and Missiles prayers. Because of the difficulty in training prayer, I advise you to just bury the bones and ashes you gather while fighting and you should reach around late 30s this way, giving you access to a couple of protection prayers.


41 Mining:

Having 41 Mining will allow you to mine iron, coal and gold. This skill is quite tedious to level and the F2P worlds are often busy. There are much faster locations and methods available once you’ve become a Member so only progress past level 41 if you wish.

Tin & Copper ore to level 15 > Iron ore to level 41

40 Smithing:

This allows you to smith Gold bars. It is highly recommended that you completing The Knight’s Sword as this will level your smithing from 1 to 29 with the 12.725k xp reward. It can be quite slow to level past 40 as a free player but this is a good milestone to reach. Creating Cannonballs as a Member requires 35 Smithing and is a great source of money.

The Knights Sword to level 30 > Smithing Steel bars to level 40 (use the Superheat spell to level magic at the same time)

50 Fishing:

Fishing is an easy skill to level in F2P, and it should only take a day or two to reach this. Level 50 allows you to fish Swordfish, Lobsters and Tuna. Once you become a member there is a great location called Catherby Village that provides these fish to catch with a bank a few metres away. I recommend that you don’t go beyond 50 Fishing while your F2P, as it becomes much more convenient when you are a Member at these higher levels.

Crayfish to level 20 > Trout to level 25 > Pike to level 30 > Salmon/Trout to level 50

50 Cooking:

I always bank my fish so that I can level cooking alongside fishing. Because of this, it is also fairly quick to level up so you shouldn’t have much trouble reaching 50 and you won’t need to buy any additional food to cook. At this level you can make Chocolate Cakes, Meat Pizzas and Cooked Lobsters.

Crayfish to level 15 > Trout to level 20 > Pike to level 25 > Salmon/Trout to level 50

45 Woodcutting:

Woodcutting is quite restrictive for F2P. Maple trees have become available if you have 30 Dungeoneering too, but it can be quite slow. I recommend stopping at 45 where Maple trees become unlocked, so you can continue as a Member at the Seer’s Village where there are Maple trees right next to a bank.

Regular trees to level 15 > Oaks to level 30 > Willows to level 45

45 Firemaking:

It is sometimes wondered whether it is worth levelling up this skill, well I think it is. It is used as skill requirements for many quests and you can make money off it by making lines of fires and collecting the ashes. So I suggest burning the logs you cut while Woodcutting, and you should easily reach at least 45 by doing so.

Regular logs to level 15 > Oak logs to level 30 > Willow logs to level 45

40 Crafting:

Crafting can be profitable, but recently produces losses for faster methods of training. Because of this, unless you don’t mind losing too much money, I’d only level it up to 40. At this level you will gain access to the Crafting Guild which will be useful for later crafting because of the convenience of its resources. A bank deposit becomes available in the Guild once you’ve completed all the hard Falador tasks, which requires Member skills.

Pots to level 8 > Bowls to level 23 > Tiaras to level 40

44 RuneCrafting:

RuneCrafting becomes extremely profitable at higher levels so don’t neglect this skill. It can be levelled up very fast using the new RuneSpan. At level 44, you’ll be able to create Nature Runes which are always in demand for magic spells.

The RuneSpan to 44!


I hope that this may be useful to those thinking of becoming a Member for the first time and are after some guidance for how to prepare.

Please do check out my RuneScape Review and my Tips & Tricks.

Thanks for reading!


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