Premier League Football Predictions 2014/15

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Can’t wait for it to kick off again!

Okay the Football League is already underway in England but I don’t think it’s too late to reveal my predictions for how I think this years Premier League will unfold. I’ll try to explain my decisions briefly so you’re not (too!) offended if I doomed your team for relegation… It’s just a bit of fun before the season kicks off tomorrow, you will have a better understanding of your team than me so please provide your feedback in the comments for what you agree or disagree with.

Premier League

1st: Chelsea – Chelsea and City are the favourites this year, and I’ve chosen the Blues as I think the addition of a quality forward was just what they were lacking last year, and they’ve got one in Diego Costa to provide those much-needed goals.

2nd: Manchester City – I think City will keep pressure on Chelsea till the very end but will rue points lost in games they should have won, and therefore cost them the title this year.

3rd: Arsenal – Every season it seems like Arsenal are predicted to miss out on a Champion’s League spot, but not this year for me. The quality addition of Sanchez means they now have a game-winner, and keeping hold of key players will also benefit enormously.

4th: Liverpool – The big question is how well the team will cope without Suarez this season, I personally think the money accepted was about the right price, and the additions brought in have added a great bit of needed depth which should see a top 4 finish.

5th: Tottenham Hotspur – Spurs have a new manager this year with Pochettino, and I expect a more entertaining and attacking style from the London club which should compliment the players better, and see a challenge for a Europa League spot.

6th: Manchester United – The Dutch manager van Gaal appears to be more suited to the big job of managing Manchester United than his predecessor, but I struggle to see how the current team is capable of achieving what I imagine is expected of him.

7th: Everton – I really like Martinez and his style of play, and while he will be disappointed with 7th, it would be a huge ask to get a higher finish with the quality of his competitors. I do expect a good campaign in this season’s Europa League for the Toffees though.

8th: Swansea City – This may seem rather bold but if Swansea do manage to keep a hold of Bony, then I really expect them to have a massive season with additions of Gomis and Sigurdsson firing them to 8th.

9th: Stoke City – Mark Hughes deserves great credit for the job he managed last season, and I can see another 9th place finish with new recruit Bojan being one of the signings of the season for his reported £3m fee.

10th: Newcastle United – Newcastle have been disappointing since their 5th place finish back in 2012. I expect a more steady year, finishing 10th again, just above fierce rivals Sunderland with Cabella having a great debut season.

11th: Sunderland – I can see the Black Cats also having a more consistent season, improving on last year’s 14th position with new signings Rodwell and Will Buckley impressing. I really like Gus Poyet and I back him to spring further surprises in the cup competitions.

12th: Hull City – The Tigers reached a mightily impressive FA Cup final last year and I can see Steve Bruce building on that success with a higher league position, purchasing further signings to stabilise Hull’s Premier League status after making a good profit on Shane Long.

13th: Leicester City – Every season it seems like a newly promoted club carries the momentum of excelling in the Championship into the Premier League. I have to tip Leicester this year after dominating the league last year by going past that 100 point barrier.

14th: Southampton – It will be interesting to watch Southampton this year, but I can’t see them achieving such a high place finish that the team last year pulled off with so many key departures. I imagine there is still plenty of uncompleted business so I’ve kept them clear of relegation.

15th: West Ham United – Big Sam has been told he needs to improve his sides style of play this year and I can see poor results costing him his job before the season concludes, with the board looking for any excuses. The Hammers will stay up but I wouldn’t want to be a West Ham fan this year.

16th: Crystal Palace – Tony Pulis has left after performing miracles to keep Palace up. The timing of his exit isn’t ideal but I think it will be a less dramatic season for Palace supporters who won’t require that incredible comeback last year.

17th: Queen’s Park Rangers – I expect the fight to stay up will be extremely tight this year and it was tough to decide who would be the unlucky three to go down. I decided that QPR’s signings should see them safe, but only just.

18th:  Burnley – I think a lot of people are greatly underestimating the quality and team spirit that exists in this Burnley team. While I have predicted they’ll be relegated, it will be a lot closer than many expect and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Clarets finish higher.

19th: West Bromwich Albion – The appointment of Alan Irvine hasn’t got many hearts racing and I think that West Brom fans were hoping for someone more high-profile with a solid managing record. Unfortunately I think the current squad isn’t capable of keeping West Brom up, so I’ve gone for a 19th placed finish.

20th: Aston Villa – While Aston Villa have been spending money in the hope of injecting better quality into the team, I’m sorry to say that I think Paul Lambert’s side still isn’t strong enough this season to stay up, and I don’t think there is that team spirit within the team needed to make up for it.

I welcome any feedback so please comment with anything you agree or disagree with! It’s very rare football ever follows the script, and that’s what makes it so exciting, but it’s always a good bit of fun to make a few bold predictions before the season kicks off!

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Premier League Football Predictions 2014/15

  1. Liverpool above Spurs!! I’m optimistic for Spurs this season (as we all are at the beginning of every season, I know), Pochettino did a good job at Southampton and now our many summer signings of last year have had a chance to settle in. Hopefully this year we’ll get into the top 4 and the Champions League.

    • Haha I knew I couldn’t keep everyone happy!! It was extremely difficult to arrange 3rd to 7th, and to be honest I think I was being generous with a 5th place finish 😉 Only joking but I still stand by Liverpool finishing higher, I think the lack of a real consistent goal scorer may be your weakness, but I’ll be watching Spurs a lot more eagerly this year! Good bants 😉

      • Hmm.. it’s so hard to tell at the beginning of the season isn’t it! Such an exciting league 🙂 It’s sneaking wins and holding on to games that we perhaps don’t quite deserve that makes a top team and was something we struggled with last year I think. Games that are slightly less stressful than today’s would be nice!!

        • It is! Yes I totally agree 🙂 Well done with your big win against Exeter and I don’t think there is anything better than a dramatic last minute winner! Haha it did look quite a stressful game but it should give good confidence throughout your team. I’m sure you weren’t expecting Dier to be a hero this early in his Spurs career though!

  2. I do not think that Man City have it in them to challenge for the title this year. I think that they will focus on doing something worthwhile in the Champions League. Along with that, they have a lot of ageing players in the season this year.
    Also, I agree with putting Man U a bit low as Van Gaal and for that matter, the whole team will be under a lot of pressure to do something this year. But I think that they will at least finish 4th.
    On the other hand, Arsenal seem to have a pretty good squad this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if they finally win it this year.

    • Interesting point, thanks for your comment! Yes I agree there, I expect there will be a lot more pressure to progress further in the Champions League this season, along with PSG and Juventus too. I’m glad I’m not alone with Man Utd! I couldn’t help but laugh at the claims of a potential title challenge, and I think the Swansea result has brought fans back to reality. That’s a big call with Arsenal but I’d have to agree with you that its their best chance in recent years!

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