Nostalgic Video Game Music

One of my all-time favourite game series

The music featured here is directly related to the games in my Video Game Origins and Great Games I Miss posts, so please check these out first!

These are my favourite soundtracks from each of these old games I used to play, enjoy! I find them all highly nostalgic and it gives me a weird mix of happiness, longing and sadness at the memories I have of these games I grew up with.

From my Video Game Origins post:

Age of Empires

Harry Potter



From my Great Games I miss post:

Guild Wars


San Andreas

World at War

Despite only having audio here to bring back those memories, it is still very easy to think back to the good times I’ve had playing them! I’ll keep this post updated if any of the links get taken down or to add more in later…

4 thoughts on “Nostalgic Video Game Music

  1. I love the Toontown music as well. The Guild Wars music is also pretty awesome.
    I think a good soundtrack/theme music is integral to the enjoyment of the game, even if you aren’t really noticing it while you’re playing.

    • I totally agree, I think music is one of the most key features that sticks with you. You should look up Jeremy Soule, Guild Wars, the Harry Potter games, and the Elder Scrolls series soundtracks are all by him!

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