The Last of Us: The Movie

Developer: Naughty Dog

Genres: Action, Adventure, Horror, Survival

Released: 14th June 2013

I think I need to make it clear straight away that horror is a genre I’ve always disliked. Excessive gore and jump scares should just be banned! Anyway, I’ve just been unable to ignore The Last of Us after seeing it become so critically acclaimed. I decided that I’m going to have to set aside my fears and look further into the game.

Resisting the urge to just simply read the plot on Wikipedia – please never ever do this! – I considered that I had to either purchase myself a copy or find a “Let’s Play” on YouTube. Both have their disadvantages to me. Firstly by playing the game I’d be able to enjoy the game at my own pace, but I’d no doubt be put in situations I’d really rather not be in. By finding a play through I’d let someone else struggle through the game, but it may come along with an unwanted commentary that’d distract my attention or just too much failing that would disrupt the flow of the plot.

Thankfully I stumbled across this “Movie – Marathon Edition” that was exactly what I was after. Yup it’s 6 hours long. Did this put me off? Of course not, and it shouldn’t for you. As the uploader writes: “This is somewhere between a 12+ hour walkthrough and 90 minute ‘cinematics only’ cut and paste Movie.” It felt like I was watching a film and I just didn’t want it to end. How my experience will differ to someone who was played and completed the game will be interesting to hear, but having been attached to the story for more than 6 hours, you could view that as a trilogy of 2 hour films, or 8 episodes of a TV series being 45 minutes each.

It was such an engaging journey to experience that I’m not surprised there are talks of a film adaptation. I can’t comment too much on the gameplay as the crafting and scavenging elements of the game were removed. What I will say is that the voice acting of Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson is outstanding, the graphics are beautiful, the soundtrack is as deeply moving and emotional as the story, and it is one of a few number of games, or even films, that made me really care for the characters.

The horror aspect is quite small to be honest, at least from watching there were only a few uncomfortable moments for me. It reminded me a bit of “I Am Legend”. There is a real horrifying threat out there, they are a big part of the story, but it isn’t a scare a second and there is a lot of emphasis on character development.

A massive thank you to Naughty Dog for creating such a quality game, and also a thank you to dansg08 for providing this service!


7 thoughts on “The Last of Us: The Movie

      • Alright, I just had to go and re read it because I totally thought you played it and then watched the commentary. I fail at reading correctly. Sorry pal.

          • Outlast is anotber good one you might want to watch. I wouldnt reccoment playing it because it does have the jump scares and gore that yoy think should be banned. The DLC for it is pretty sweet as well.

            Its not as bad when you watch someone play it.

          • Yeah I am a bit of a wuss lol 😛 The thing about the Last of Us that grabbed me was that it wasn’t too much of a horror game, it was just set in a zombie filled world. Haha indeed I can shrink the screen down and close my eyes when I need to 😉 I’ll give it a look, thank you!

          • Its okay, a few weeks ago a group of us tried out PT for the PS4 & we definitely jumped/screamed several times.

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