This is All Yours by alt-J

You can buy the album from Amazon by clicking here

“This is All Yours” is the second album from the English band after “Awesome Wave” in 2012.

The unique and truly alternative sound of every track on the album will be familiar to those who have listened to their debut album, but for newcomers the music may seem a bit crazy until the surprise has worn off, and you start to see why the band is as praised they are – hopefully!

For me it’s definitely an album you need to give a few listens to really appreciate the tracks, and I’d suggest headphones for a special experience. Alt-J’s genre of music is a bit different to what I normally enjoy but I thought I’d try to widen my tastes and certainly feel rewarded.

Everyone seems to have their own favourites but these are my three. Bloodflood Pt. II remains my most listened to, while Intro must be one of most brightest starts to an album ever!



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