My Winter Gaming Wishlist

I thought I’d best try to prepare and limit any unnecessary purchases this year after taking previous steam sales a bit too enthusiastically. In fact I’m still yet to play Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dishonoured, LA Noire, Legend of Grimrock, Tomb Raider, which I truly feel terrible about. I will get round to them eventually!

Anyway, below I’ve listed my top 5 games I’ll be looking to buy this winter, as well as five games on my wishlist that aren’t as high priority but I’d still like if the price comes down enough.

Please share what you’re looking to buy this winter, I’m always looking for recommendations!


divinity sin

Divinity: Original Sin

This game looks like it was made for me. Fantasy + RPG is just the perfect combo. It has really positive reviews that has made it difficult to wait so long to buy it but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.



Football Manager 2015

I’ve surprised myself by holding off on FM15 for so long, but my football manager urges are beginning to rise. I’m a bit concerned about the negative reviews regarding the match engine so I’m hoping by Christmas it should be all patched up and fully playable.


the walking dead

The Walking Dead / The Wolf Among Us

Having seen that the Game of Thrones video game will be developed by Telltale Games, I’m intrigued to see what these two highly rated games are like to give me an impression of what to expect.


war of mine

This War of Mine

A truly depressing game by the looks of it, yet it’s got that appeal that I want to experience anyway! I don’t really have a lot to say about it but it looks an interesting dark survival game.



Wasteland 2

This looks a very similar game to Divinity: Original Sin but in a post-apocalyptic setting. It is a topic I’m less keen on but I did enjoy Fallout enough for me to still look forward to playing this.



It’s quite shocking that it has taken me this long to stumble across this indie game but I’m hoping to get it on sale soon to see what all the fuss is all about.


Civilization: Beyond Earthbeyond earth

The reviews aren’t too inspiring with a general thinking that it’s best to wait for upcoming expansions releases. I’m therefore a bit cautious and won’t be too fussed if I give it a miss this winter. Civ 5 is still really enjoyable for me anyway.


Endless Legendendless legend

This game does however look a new interesting strategy title worth investing in. It looks to have the same sort of feel to the Civ series but I’m interested to see what changes they’ve made.


The Guild II Renaissancethe guild

The graphics for the game look a bit dated compared with recent releases but there are a huge number of positive reviews written recently and it is a genre that I’m a big fan of. It reminds me a bit of Crusader Kings 2 from the intrigue side of it.



The last game is Transitor. It’s by the same developers that created Bastion and shares the glowing reviews. Apparently it also has a pretty awesome soundtrack I’m looking forward to listening to.


Thanks for reading! Let me know how this post looks on your computer, hopefully the graphics aren’t all screwed up on different resolutions…


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