‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ by Bombay Bicycle Club

so long see you tomorrow bombay bicycle club album art cover

You can buy the album from Amazon by clicking here

Release Date: 03 February 2014

Genres: Indie Pop/Rock

“So Long, See You Tomorrow” is the fourth album from Bombay Bicycle Club.

I really did love this album, it’s full of tunes from start to finish that kept me interested instantly with some really unique sounding sounds like ‘Feel’ that somehow just sits perfectly with the rest of the songs.

What I also liked about it was that there are plenty of memorable hits throughout that will get caught in your head for days after listening to them, and none of the songs feel like they are added to simply pad it out. Just about beats ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ for me and that’s saying something!

I can also proudly say that I’ve seen the band live for their album tour earlier this year and it truly was spectacular!

Top Three Tracks

‘Carry Me’ is the most memorable and my favourite record from the album. It really does get stuck in your head for days…

I really liked ‘Eyes Off You’ purely for the build-up throughout the song.

Finally ‘Come To’ the penultimate track to finish the album is one of my favourites for the imagination that it’s full of.



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