‘Jungle’ by Jungle

jungle jungle album art cover

You can buy the album from Amazon by clicking here

Release Date: 14 July 2014

Genres: Modern Soul/Synth Funk

A debut studio album by Jungle.

You’d do well to find a better rated album than this in 2014. I think what has made it so easy to like is how approachable it is, I mean I don’t normally listen to this genre of music but I can’t stop listening to this!

It’s a great album for something refreshing and different to listen to if you’re looking for an alternative – see what I did there? All in all, very recommended and I suggest you check out what the fuss is about by listening to it in full.

Top Three Tracks

Busy Earnin‘ was the record that really got such attention directed at the band and rightly so, a real tune.

Platoon not only has an awesome music video but is one of my favourite songs from the album.

Finally Time,  while all of the songs work so well together, this song at the mid-point of the album really stands out for me.



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