Leicester City 1 – 3 Liverpool: The Issue of Supporting Two Football Teams

Leicester 1 -  3 Liverpool

I’m facing a real dilemma tonight as I go to watch Leicester City play Liverpool FC for the first time this season. With the last meeting being back in March 2004, it has been a fixture I’ve been both dreading and looking forward to for the past ten years.

As a massive fan of both teams it’s going to feel so strange seeing the two play each other – hopefully it’s an issue that I’ll have to face next season too! Having had such a large gap between the last encounter, it has previously felt perfectly acceptable to support the two teams, even better, very often they’d play on separate days, and it has also meant I’ve had a great bit of knowledge of different leagues they’re in.

An amusing thought occurred to me today that it will almost be like watching the game as a neutral, despite my huge support for both clubs. However in the unlikely circumstance that Leicester do score, although Liverpool’s defence is as weak as Leicester’s attacking threat at the moment, I can’t exactly not celebrate, that’s just going against instinct, plus I’ll be sitting in the home end!

I suppose I could look at it from the angle of who needs the points more. Both teams have almost perfectly paralleled each other in recent seasons. Last season was truly one of the greatest ever for me, Leicester won the Championship, winning 17 of the 23 league matches I watched at the King Power (is this what it’s like to be a Chelsea fan?), while Liverpool came narrowly close to winning an overdue Premier League title by finishing 2nd behind Man City by 2 points. This season’s no different, the complete opposite of last season’s success, an understandably poor run of form by Leicester and Liverpool sitting in mid-table.

I have to say Leicester are in the need of the points more as relegation is a greatly upsetting experience while missing out on Champions League is just simply disappointing. Whether Leicester will actually win is another matter. If I’m to do a match prediction then I think it’ll end in a draw although Liverpool are the favourites.

I’m certainly in the minority of football fans who support more than one football team, although local sunday league teams and foreign clubs seem to be acceptable. That’s perfectly understandable for the awkward situation that will arise today. However if someone told me I had to simply choose one side over the other and stop supporting one, that would just be impossible.

Liverpool were the football club that got me into the sport. Back in Primary School when everyone supported a big team, Manchester United being the most popular of course, I suppose you had to, to fit in with all the football talk. It was a long time ago so I can’t give a great reason, however for Leicester, they are my local team. I’ve been a season ticket holder for more than half my life – I think my Dad was keen for me to be a Foxes supporter!

So to reach a conclusion, both clubs have been a big part of my life for far too long to just stop supporting one of them. Double the excitement, double the pain, what’s not to like.

I’m not going to be doing a match report for this match, my apologies, but I’ve just found it too difficult to do so as I’m sure you can imagine! It was a highly entertaining game but was an extremely strange experience!


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