‘Ultraviolence’ by Lana Del Rey

Lana del rey ultraviolence album art cover review

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Release Date: 13 June 2014

Genre: Dream Pop

What do pink lemonade, I’m a Celebrity and Lana Del Rey all have in common? They are all guilty pleasures of mine of course. I can’t say that I can relate too much to Lana’s lyrics but her songs are just so captivating that it doesn’t seem to matter… just as long as I don’t start singing out loud!

It goes without saying really that the mood to ‘Ultraviolence’ is a completely different tone to ‘Born to Die’ but I’ve enjoyed her new album as much as her last. I personally think it’s great when artists try out new styles as long as they don’t lose their identity along the way.

What I love most about the album is that each song is interesting, meaning that while what feels like half of the tracks have now been released as singles, there are still some left to explore and enjoy for yourself as a reward.

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‘Jungle’ by Jungle

jungle jungle album art cover

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Release Date: 14 July 2014

Genres: Modern Soul/Synth Funk

A debut studio album by Jungle.

You’d do well to find a better rated album than this in 2014. I think what has made it so easy to like is how approachable it is, I mean I don’t normally listen to this genre of music but I can’t stop listening to this!

It’s a great album for something refreshing and different to listen to if you’re looking for an alternative – see what I did there? All in all, very recommended and I suggest you check out what the fuss is about by listening to it in full.

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‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ by Bombay Bicycle Club

so long see you tomorrow bombay bicycle club album art cover

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Release Date: 03 February 2014

Genres: Indie Pop/Rock

“So Long, See You Tomorrow” is the fourth album from Bombay Bicycle Club.

I really did love this album, it’s full of tunes from start to finish that kept me interested instantly with some really unique sounding sounds like ‘Feel’ that somehow just sits perfectly with the rest of the songs.

What I also liked about it was that there are plenty of memorable hits throughout that will get caught in your head for days after listening to them, and none of the songs feel like they are added to simply pad it out. Just about beats ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ for me and that’s saying something!

I can also proudly say that I’ve seen the band live for their album tour earlier this year and it truly was spectacular!

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‘Turn Blue’ by The Black Keys

turn blue black keys album cover art review

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Release Date: 12 May 2014

Genres: Alternative/Garage Rock

“Turn Blue” is the eighth studio album from The Black Keys.

It’s quite something for a band to sound so remarkably different for each album yet The Black Keys pull it off at each attempt. I’m just not sure if it’s too much of a good thing.

I was a huge fan of ‘El Camino’ and ‘Brothers’ that my views of this album were always going to be disappointment when I heard the change in style. However this isn’t to say it’s a bad album. I have really enjoyed it and is still a great listen worthy of your time.

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‘I Forget Where We Were’ by Ben Howard

'I forgot where we were' album art cover

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Release Date: 20 October 2014

Genres: Indie Folk/Rock

“I Forget Where We Were” is the second album from Ben Howard after “Every Kingdom”.

I think it’s fair to say that it is a different sounding album from his cheery first, however while perhaps not as immediate, it is well worth additional listens to really appreciate the songs.

There aren’t any songs for me on the level of ‘Only Love’ or ‘Keep Your Head Up’ but there are plenty of growers that help create a much more complete album than Every Kingdom.

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This is All Yours by alt-J

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“This is All Yours” is the second album from the English band after “Awesome Wave” in 2012.

The unique and truly alternative sound of every track on the album will be familiar to those who have listened to their debut album, but for newcomers the music may seem a bit crazy until the surprise has worn off, and you start to see why the band is as praised they are – hopefully!

For me it’s definitely an album you need to give a few listens to really appreciate the tracks, and I’d suggest headphones for a special experience. Alt-J’s genre of music is a bit different to what I normally enjoy but I thought I’d try to widen my tastes and certainly feel rewarded.

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