Premier League Review 2014/15: January/February/March


Apologies for the delay in writing this, we’ve just past the 3/4 mark in this Premier League season but hopefully it’s not too late to write my third review of it.

I’ll be looking how my pre-season predictions compare with the current table at this stage, with just eight games remaining for the majority of the clubs, and consider if each clubs league position matches their expectations.

You can find the pre-season predictions here

August, September and October review here

November and December review here

I realise it may look a bit confusing if you haven’t seen my earlier reviews, but basically the number in brackets is the difference between the current league position and my pre-season predictions. An example would be I predicted Manchester United to finish 6th, they’re currently 4th, so that’d be (+2).

Hopefully you’ll find it interesting to look back at how the Premier League teams have progressed throughout the season, I can happily say that despite a couple of exceptions (thanks Southampton!) I wasn’t as far off with my predictions as I had feared!

Who do you think will finish in the top 4?

Premier League

1st (+0): Chelsea – The top 2 has almost perfectly matched my predictions throughout the season but I don’t think there were many doubts this year would be a joint battle between Chelsea and Man City. Chelsea’s position doesn’t look as secure as it did a couple of months ago but it would have to take something special for anyone to reach them at this stage.

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The Real ‘Cost’ of Losing Star Footballers

I’d argue that most footballers have a price-tag, a fee that’s reasonable compensation for their exit, but talismanic, key players, that really stand out and lift a team, are just priceless. In this post I’ll be looking in detail at Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham who have each lost such players in recent seasons.

Usually it takes a huge amount of money to persuade a club to part with their prized possession, or the meeting of a release clause leaving little choice but to let them leave. The majority of this money is sometimes almost immediately reinvested on new players in order to fill the gap and appease the fans or spread across a number of areas to strengthen the team as a whole. However, when you’ve got a player that just fits perfectly in the managers system, with great chemistry and understanding with their fellow teammates, it’s always a risk whether or not the replacement can deliver with such responsibility and pressure. I think it’s extremely rare that they do.

I’m just focusing on key players so I haven’t included the arrivals and departures of squad players which I’ve left blank with an “N/A”. I’m blessed with hindsight for previous seasons, so have included all of the big signings for the 2014 summer window. If you’re interested in the transfer business of all the Premier League clubs this summer, you should find this post useful!

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