One Year of Blogging: My Favourite Video Games

mass effect guild wars skyrim

For my first year milestone of blogging, I thought I’d talk about my favourite subject, gaming!

My first post was a look at my video game origins, which you can check out here, and I thought it would be fitting to try to continue on with how my gaming tastes have shaped into the present with what I have narrowed down to my top three favourites over the years.

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Nostalgic Video Game Music

One of my all-time favourite game series

The music featured here is directly related to the games in my Video Game Origins and Great Games I Miss posts, so please check these out first!

These are my favourite soundtracks from each of these old games I used to play, enjoy! I find them all highly nostalgic and it gives me a weird mix of happiness, longing and sadness at the memories I have of these games I grew up with.

From my Video Game Origins post:

Age of Empires

Harry Potter

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Great games I miss

This is the first gaming post in a while so I apologise for the wait! I’ll be looking at some of my favourite games which are either now inactive and have “died” or I can no longer play because of compatibility or updates. It’s a continuation from my video game origins post where I looked at the first few games that I really got engaged with, so I recommend checking that out first! It’s also my second post in the “Nostalgia” gaming category and I think it’s quite a good topic to talk about because of the attachment that exists. You may be aware that I’ve already done a review on two of the games, Guild Wars and RuneScape, however this post just focuses on aspects that I miss. Hopefully you’ll have played at least one of these and can share your sorrows with me!

Call of Duty: World at War:

Okay so I hope I don’t get lowered in your opinion of me by including a Call of Duty game but I’ll have to run that risk! World at War is the only Call of Duty game I own, and I think the reason why I’ve never bought another was my computer at the time really struggled with the single player campaign and only ran smoothly on the multiplayer maps, so I feared it would be unable to cope with any newer versions. I’m not sure therefore how this version ranks with the rest but I really did enjoy playing the multiplayer maps from the late 2008 release to around a year later when everyone left to play Modern Warfare 2.

I’ve been thinking back to all the content that I gradually came to master after playing the multiplayer maps for so long, such as learning good spots for sniping, safe areas to hide, what loadouts to use on what map, and learning how to effectively use each weapon, and more, and I do have to wonder how you could put that effort in to a new Call of Duty game every year!

My favourite maps were “Asylum” and “Seelow” where I found a few good sniping spots which would frequently reward me with plenty of kills. In maps with Tanks it would always be really cool to try to evade them and try catching them unaware with a bomb. I also liked how you how to make choices that could prove worthwhile or costly with the Perk system, such as choosing the “Fireproof” perk that’ll reduce fire damage taken, but perhaps you should have taken “Toss Back” which would allow you to throw back a grenade with its timer reset to save you from getting exploded!

I found it very addicting and has influenced me to try out other shooter games since. It was always inevitable that players would leave with the arrival of a new game but it still leaves me saddened how popular online games can just “die” with new releases, making it difficult to find players if you want to continue playing.

The thrill of dodging tank blasts!

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Guild Wars: Game Review

Guild Wars is pretty special to me. It must be one of my most played games having staying in the world for almost six years from the 2006 release of the campaign “Factions”  to the release of the sequel Guild Wars 2 in 2012. I’m very thankful that it doesn’t have a monthly subscription like other MMO rivals such as World of Warcraft  – so it luckily didn’t bankrupt my younger self!

Guild Wars Character Creation

Character creation: Great in-depth customization


The Guild Wars series features three campaigns, “Prophecies”, “Factions”, “Nightfall”, and one expansion called “Eye of the North”. They each have their own engaging story and vast maps to explore. When creating your character you have to choose which campaign you wish to start in. Each campaign has a different story and is set on a different continents. This therefore impacts the background of your character with each continent having their own ethnic feel. Your choice also decides the first starting steps and early quests before you are free to travel among the continents.

The expansion is different as it is simply more of an add-on.  It complements the existing content with new skills, weapons, armour, and the Hall of Monuments (a place to show off all your achievements). Eye of the North seemed the perfect way to end the series giving players the chance to prepare for the upcoming sequel by filling your Hall of Monuments with collectibles and titles, providing points towards unlockables that can be redeemed in the sequel.

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A Battle of MMOs

I’ve always enjoyed playing MMOs since first discovering them with ToonTown. They have got to be one of my favourite genres, with many hours spent levelling my characters in an online world.

Guild Wars World of Warcraft MMOs Disc Cases Covers

My MMO disc collection

In this upcoming “A Battle of MMOs” series I’ll be looking at games in this genre which I’ve experienced and enjoyed throughout my life. It’ll be a sort of review like format, featuring my likes and dislikes with the games, but also including memories I have had while playing them which have made me return since to try to relive them.

This is the first attempt I’ve had at doing something like this, so hopefully you’ll find it interesting. I was originally going to look at my MMO experiences in just one post, however I’ve decided to split each game into its own post as the word count was getting rather large!

The games in question are:

They are all MMORPGs but I think it’s quite a good mix to look at.

These are only games that I’ve played so this isn’t a Top 5 “All-time Best MMOs” list. I’m well aware that there are many more great MMOs out there which I haven’t featured – which I’ll try and play in the future – but I do highly recommend these five.