Cambiasso signs for the Foxes – the rise of Leicester City

Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Leicester City

It has sure dragged on to the point I thought it would never happen but I’m still coming to terms with such a big name signing at my local football club. The Premier League does attract stars from across the globe but I just find it incredible when five years ago we were playing in League 1.

Five years to gain a couple of promotions isn’t too difficult – with the great recent examples of Southampton and Norwich achieving the feat in two successive seasons – but after such disappointment by getting so close a couple of times which ended in Play-off failure, the glamour and promise of Sven-Göran Eriksson which ended in massive overspending, I just thought it would never come. Continue reading


My Season Ticket has arrived!

leicester city season ticket 2014/15 lcfc king power stadium

The excitement is building

Finally the season ticket has arrived today and I think this means I can officially start to get excited! It’s now just over a week before the opening game but it has felt like counting down for Christmas this past month! The Foxes will be kicking off the season at home to Everton which should prove a good test for both sides and will hopefully be a decent start to the campaign. I’ll be starting my second year of university this September in Leicester and the football did help sway my decision to stay local (the course isn’t too bad either thankfully!)

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