MapleStory: Game Review

MapleStory is a free to play MMORPG with an in-game cash shop for cosmetic items. It’s a very addictive 2D platformer style game which I’m guilty of putting many hours into. Despite its appearance, it is surprisingly fun for all ages and has a good welcoming community for you to join.


Like many in this genre, MapleStory involves the RPG elements such as defeating monsters and completing quests for experience points which level your character up. However I think what separates this from the many others is how simple it was to get the hang of, with a very gentle learning curve and helpful interface. This was important to me when I started playing as a young gamer around 2008 as it meant I easily got attached and have since returned many times.

Interface: Simple and easy to get to grips with

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A Battle of MMOs

I’ve always enjoyed playing MMOs since first discovering them with ToonTown. They have got to be one of my favourite genres, with many hours spent levelling my characters in an online world.

Guild Wars World of Warcraft MMOs Disc Cases Covers

My MMO disc collection

In this upcoming “A Battle of MMOs” series I’ll be looking at games in this genre which I’ve experienced and enjoyed throughout my life. It’ll be a sort of review like format, featuring my likes and dislikes with the games, but also including memories I have had while playing them which have made me return since to try to relive them.

This is the first attempt I’ve had at doing something like this, so hopefully you’ll find it interesting. I was originally going to look at my MMO experiences in just one post, however I’ve decided to split each game into its own post as the word count was getting rather large!

The games in question are:

They are all MMORPGs but I think it’s quite a good mix to look at.

These are only games that I’ve played so this isn’t a Top 5 “All-time Best MMOs” list. I’m well aware that there are many more great MMOs out there which I haven’t featured – which I’ll try and play in the future – but I do highly recommend these five.