My Steam Summer Sale Gaming Wishlist

It’s that time of the year again! The Steam Summer Sale is expected to begin tomorrow (June 11th) and I thought I’d list the top games on my wishlist that I hope to pick up.

I did something similar for the winter sale, which you can check out here, and surprising enough I did stick to it quite well. My highlight and favourite purchase was Telltale’s Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us series which are certainly worthy of their positive reviews.

I’d love to hear what’s on your wishlist or if you have any recommendations or thoughts on the games below!


Alpha Protocolalpha protocol steam

It wasn’t until recently that I knew about this. Seeing this game alongside Fallout New Vegas on Obsidian’s wiki page made me look it up and it actually sounds really interesting. If Mass Effect was a Spy movie.


FTL: Faster Than Lightftl steam

This on the other hand is a game I’ve known about for a while and I think it’s about time I actually bought it! It sounds very difficult but its setting and replay value make it one to definitely try out.


Game of Thrones – A Telltale Games Seriesgame of thrones steam

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, and this sounds a great match for me having enjoyed Telltale’s previous games and it providing more material to enjoy in the Game of Thrones universe.


NEO Scavengerneo scavenger steam

This is a turn-based strategy game with the aim to survive in its post-apocalyptic setting. I was a bit put off by the interface but the reviews have convinced me to give it a try. There is also a demo to check out first.


Pillars of Eternity pillars of eternity steam

I don’t expect this game to get much of a discount but I’ll probably buy it anyway. I love lore heavy, well-written games, and this sounds perfect. Sure it’ll take a few hours to complete but it’s a long summer!


Remember Meremember me steam

This looks gorgeous but apparently wasn’t as successful as hoped. It’s often described as underrated, with the story and graphics especially praised. The main criticism is the combat but using a controller is said to help.


Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Directors Cutshadowrun dragonfall steam

Another turn-based strategy game, but in a cyberpunk setting. I haven’t played any of the Shadowrun games so I’m unsure where to start exactly, but I’ll be sure to purchase this one at least, if the price comes down.


Sunless Seasunless sea steam

This game looks so intriguing and full of surprises that it’s been so hard to hold off buying this on release. I’ve waited patiently until the sale where hopefully it’ll receive a discount to make my wait worthwhile.


The Banner Sagathe banner saga steam

A gem from 2014 that everyone has been talking about. I’ve heard so many good things about this tactical RPG. The art style looks beautiful and the story and soundtrack have also been highly praised.


Valiant Hearts: The Great Warvaliant hearts steam

Finally Valiant Hearts. Any game with a story so engaging and emotional that it will make you cry has got to be checked out of course. To the Moon and the Walking Dead almost managed it with me so I’ll see how it goes!


What are you hoping to buy? 🙂



My Winter Gaming Wishlist

I thought I’d best try to prepare and limit any unnecessary purchases this year after taking previous steam sales a bit too enthusiastically. In fact I’m still yet to play Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dishonoured, LA Noire, Legend of Grimrock, Tomb Raider, which I truly feel terrible about. I will get round to them eventually!

Anyway, below I’ve listed my top 5 games I’ll be looking to buy this winter, as well as five games on my wishlist that aren’t as high priority but I’d still like if the price comes down enough.

Please share what you’re looking to buy this winter, I’m always looking for recommendations!


divinity sin

Divinity: Original Sin

This game looks like it was made for me. Fantasy + RPG is just the perfect combo. It has really positive reviews that has made it difficult to wait so long to buy it but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.



Football Manager 2015

I’ve surprised myself by holding off on FM15 for so long, but my football manager urges are beginning to rise. I’m a bit concerned about the negative reviews regarding the match engine so I’m hoping by Christmas it should be all patched up and fully playable.


the walking dead

The Walking Dead / The Wolf Among Us

Having seen that the Game of Thrones video game will be developed by Telltale Games, I’m intrigued to see what these two highly rated games are like to give me an impression of what to expect.


war of mine

This War of Mine

A truly depressing game by the looks of it, yet it’s got that appeal that I want to experience anyway! I don’t really have a lot to say about it but it looks an interesting dark survival game.



Wasteland 2

This looks a very similar game to Divinity: Original Sin but in a post-apocalyptic setting. It is a topic I’m less keen on but I did enjoy Fallout enough for me to still look forward to playing this.

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Digital vs Physical PC Game Purchases


The attraction of the sales!

Deciding whether to buy a physical copy of a game or to download digitally has been something that I’ve been torn about recently. Digital downloads have grown in popularity in recent years, and with games now requiring a lot more space, you can quite often receive as many as five disks to install your new game from, with slower installation speeds than an internet download.

Steam is the most used digital distributor for games, and I’m guilty of stocking up my library with more games that I know what to do with. The legendary Steam sales, especially the Summer and Winter ones, are just asking you to advantage for those 75% off deals. I’ve also recently set up an account with GOG for their fabulous Witcher series pricing a couple of months ago, which also boasts heavily discounted prices that I don’t think physical games can match. Lastly I created an account with CD Keys for their £25 deal on the new Sims 4, much cheaper than the pricing for physical game – currently £35 on Amazon.

Physical games of course do go on sale too, but as they are not simply a virtual download online, it’s rare that they ever drop as low, at least not until several years later when they are struggling to sell. Thinking back exactly to the last physical game I bought: Dirt 3 or Skyrim in 2011? It must have been Guild Wars 2 in 2012. Admittedly I bought the first Harry Potter game off Ebay in the summer but I don’t think that counts! The discovery of Steam in 2010 when Football Manager offered steam as disk-free software to play it has led to a huge decline in my purchases. Prior to this I’d been proudly filling my shelves with PC Games.

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Football Manager: Game Review

football manager 2014 review banner steam

Developer: Sports Interactive

Genres: Management, Simulation, Strategy

Released: Late October/Early November each year

I’m going to start off by saying that it’s without a doubt one of my most played games, with an embarrassing amount of hours spread across the four editions I’ve been hooked to. I’ve faithfully been purchasing Football Manager each year since discovering it in 2010 after growing bored of FIFA and PES (yes I played that!) and decided I might have more luck with a more strategic football game in Football Manager.

I thought I’d try to review the Football Manager game as a whole, instead a review for just the most recent version, FM14. I think I can get away with this as at least since discovering the series with FM11, while there are plenty of new features to justify purchasing the latest edition, the games always follow the same structure and ideas.


The Stockport fans wildly celebrating a goal against Barnsley with a flare

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Banished: Game Review


Developer: Shining Rock Software

Genres: City-builder, Management, Strategy

Released: 18th February 2014

Banished was not what I expected – well to be honest I’m not sure what I was! I’m a little inexperienced in this certain mix of genres, with the Tropico series – which are certainly not survival games! – and perhaps the Age of Empires games being the closest I’ve played. Deciding to go straight in thanks to the soothing background music boosting my confidence, my village lasted till the first winter where my people all perished from the cold.

This clearly wasn’t the ideal way to begin, but I picked myself up and have been improving with each new attempt. I’m now settled with my current save, so far surviving 147 years with a town that fills the map. With this in mind, I highly recommend that you play the game without the guidance of others, and use any failings to discover solutions by yourself, for a much more rewarding experience.

banished menu screen

Who uses tutorials anyway?!

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Great games I miss

This is the first gaming post in a while so I apologise for the wait! I’ll be looking at some of my favourite games which are either now inactive and have “died” or I can no longer play because of compatibility or updates. It’s a continuation from my video game origins post where I looked at the first few games that I really got engaged with, so I recommend checking that out first! It’s also my second post in the “Nostalgia” gaming category and I think it’s quite a good topic to talk about because of the attachment that exists. You may be aware that I’ve already done a review on two of the games, Guild Wars and RuneScape, however this post just focuses on aspects that I miss. Hopefully you’ll have played at least one of these and can share your sorrows with me!

Call of Duty: World at War:

Okay so I hope I don’t get lowered in your opinion of me by including a Call of Duty game but I’ll have to run that risk! World at War is the only Call of Duty game I own, and I think the reason why I’ve never bought another was my computer at the time really struggled with the single player campaign and only ran smoothly on the multiplayer maps, so I feared it would be unable to cope with any newer versions. I’m not sure therefore how this version ranks with the rest but I really did enjoy playing the multiplayer maps from the late 2008 release to around a year later when everyone left to play Modern Warfare 2.

I’ve been thinking back to all the content that I gradually came to master after playing the multiplayer maps for so long, such as learning good spots for sniping, safe areas to hide, what loadouts to use on what map, and learning how to effectively use each weapon, and more, and I do have to wonder how you could put that effort in to a new Call of Duty game every year!

My favourite maps were “Asylum” and “Seelow” where I found a few good sniping spots which would frequently reward me with plenty of kills. In maps with Tanks it would always be really cool to try to evade them and try catching them unaware with a bomb. I also liked how you how to make choices that could prove worthwhile or costly with the Perk system, such as choosing the “Fireproof” perk that’ll reduce fire damage taken, but perhaps you should have taken “Toss Back” which would allow you to throw back a grenade with its timer reset to save you from getting exploded!

I found it very addicting and has influenced me to try out other shooter games since. It was always inevitable that players would leave with the arrival of a new game but it still leaves me saddened how popular online games can just “die” with new releases, making it difficult to find players if you want to continue playing.

The thrill of dodging tank blasts!

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RuneScape: Membership Preparation Guide

These are my guidelines for some skills preparation before you become a Member on RuneScape. I’ve also added in where I did my training to get to these levels for each skill as a sort of “skill guide” in case you’re requiring any help. Obviously it is your choice to make, but you may find yourself restricted if you aren’t prepared enough (many of the quests have high skill requirements). The Free To Play (F2P) Worlds are reasonably sufficient for early levelling so I highly recommend you to try to meet these guidelines so you don’t spend your membership time levelling skills that could have been achieved whilst you weren’t paying.

Member skills Farming, Theiving, Agility, Hunting, Montage

Member Skills: Farming, Thieving, Agility, Hunting

You can now also buy Bonds from the Grand Exchange that can be redeemed for RuneScape Membership. They are rather expensive with the current price at a costly 6.3 million in game currency, providing 2 weeks of membership each. I suggest here that unless you do have tons of in-game gold and are still a free player, that you pay the first few months using real money (which is only $7.95, £4.95, €6.95 a month depending on your country) as this is a relatively cheap subscription in comparison with other MMOs, and to later pay for your membership with Bonds once you’ve amassed your millions as a Member – where it is much easier and quicker. Again this is just my opinion, but I think a £4.95 monthly subscription is great value for the vast content that becomes unlocked.

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