My Fantasy Football Team

Just a quick post I’ll squeeze in this morning before the Premier League kicks off later today. I’ve been doing Fantasy Football for quite a few seasons now and I’ve found it very useful for keeping me updated with all the player’s performances each week. I always opt for an attacking formation as I’ve found in my experience for it to be more rewarding, as well as having a great starting eleven and a weaker bench, utilising the weekly free transfer when required.

fantasy football

£100m well spent!

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Premier League Football Predictions 2014/15

football ball

Can’t wait for it to kick off again!

Okay the Football League is already underway in England but I don’t think it’s too late to reveal my predictions for how I think this years Premier League will unfold. I’ll try to explain my decisions briefly so you’re not (too!) offended if I doomed your team for relegation… It’s just a bit of fun before the season kicks off tomorrow, you will have a better understanding of your team than me so please provide your feedback in the comments for what you agree or disagree with.

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