My Winter Gaming Wishlist

I thought I’d best try to prepare and limit any unnecessary purchases this year after taking previous steam sales a bit too enthusiastically. In fact I’m still yet to play Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dishonoured, LA Noire, Legend of Grimrock, Tomb Raider, which I truly feel terrible about. I will get round to them eventually!

Anyway, below I’ve listed my top 5 games I’ll be looking to buy this winter, as well as five games on my wishlist that aren’t as high priority but I’d still like if the price comes down enough.

Please share what you’re looking to buy this winter, I’m always looking for recommendations!


divinity sin

Divinity: Original Sin

This game looks like it was made for me. Fantasy + RPG is just the perfect combo. It has really positive reviews that has made it difficult to wait so long to buy it but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.



Football Manager 2015

I’ve surprised myself by holding off on FM15 for so long, but my football manager urges are beginning to rise. I’m a bit concerned about the negative reviews regarding the match engine so I’m hoping by Christmas it should be all patched up and fully playable.


the walking dead

The Walking Dead / The Wolf Among Us

Having seen that the Game of Thrones video game will be developed by Telltale Games, I’m intrigued to see what these two highly rated games are like to give me an impression of what to expect.


war of mine

This War of Mine

A truly depressing game by the looks of it, yet it’s got that appeal that I want to experience anyway! I don’t really have a lot to say about it but it looks an interesting dark survival game.



Wasteland 2

This looks a very similar game to Divinity: Original Sin but in a post-apocalyptic setting. It is a topic I’m less keen on but I did enjoy Fallout enough for me to still look forward to playing this.

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Digital vs Physical PC Game Purchases


The attraction of the sales!

Deciding whether to buy a physical copy of a game or to download digitally has been something that I’ve been torn about recently. Digital downloads have grown in popularity in recent years, and with games now requiring a lot more space, you can quite often receive as many as five disks to install your new game from, with slower installation speeds than an internet download.

Steam is the most used digital distributor for games, and I’m guilty of stocking up my library with more games that I know what to do with. The legendary Steam sales, especially the Summer and Winter ones, are just asking you to advantage for those 75% off deals. I’ve also recently set up an account with GOG for their fabulous Witcher series pricing a couple of months ago, which also boasts heavily discounted prices that I don’t think physical games can match. Lastly I created an account with CD Keys for their £25 deal on the new Sims 4, much cheaper than the pricing for physical game – currently £35 on Amazon.

Physical games of course do go on sale too, but as they are not simply a virtual download online, it’s rare that they ever drop as low, at least not until several years later when they are struggling to sell. Thinking back exactly to the last physical game I bought: Dirt 3 or Skyrim in 2011? It must have been Guild Wars 2 in 2012. Admittedly I bought the first Harry Potter game off Ebay in the summer but I don’t think that counts! The discovery of Steam in 2010 when Football Manager offered steam as disk-free software to play it has led to a huge decline in my purchases. Prior to this I’d been proudly filling my shelves with PC Games.

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