One Year of Blogging: My Favourite Video Games

mass effect guild wars skyrim

For my first year milestone of blogging, I thought I’d talk about my favourite subject, gaming!

My first post was a look at my video game origins, which you can check out here, and I thought it would be fitting to try to continue on with how my gaming tastes have shaped into the present with what I have narrowed down to my top three favourites over the years.

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‘I Forget Where We Were’ by Ben Howard

'I forgot where we were' album art cover

You can buy the album from Amazon by clicking here

Release Date: 20 October 2014

Genres: Indie Folk/Rock

“I Forget Where We Were” is the second album from Ben Howard¬†after “Every Kingdom”.

I think it’s fair to say that it is a different sounding album from his cheery first, however while perhaps not as immediate, it is well worth additional listens to really appreciate the songs.

There aren’t any songs for me on the level of ‘Only Love’ or ‘Keep Your Head Up’ but there are plenty of growers that help create a much more complete album than Every Kingdom.

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